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Choreographer Needed

Jeana Whitaker
Westwood High School Theatre in Mesa, is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic choreographer to choreograph our spring musical, “Big Fish.”

Stipend is $1200

Includes 6-7 dance numbers in the show with a variety of styles including clogging, tap, country-western, ballroom and contemporary.  However, the biggest challenge will be making the choreography simple enough for high school students (that are pretty much non-dancers), but yet still look good.  

Auditions and audition workshops are in mid-January.  Dance rehearsals in February, with a few pick up rehearsals in March.  Show runs April 9-11, 2016.  

If interested, please send resume and direct any questions to Jeana Whitaker, Theatre Director, Westwood High School:  Cell phone 602-882-8026 (Email will be fastest response)

Deadline for resume submission: Oct. 5, 2015